Postcards from Paris: {Les Enfants}

I cannot begin to number the many times I have been completely charmed by the French children. I cannot even count how many conversations I have had with my female American friends about how these little children with their French-spoken tongues are the number one cause for our expression of, "awww." Today's moments just added to that count.
I spotted my first shot while soaking up some sun in le jardin de tuileries. These children all in a row, heading towards Le Louvre.
With the sun out all day, and plenty of occasions to stay out and enjoy the sun, my friend Xuan and I walked through le Jardin de Luxembourg, where once again children out and about. Their joy and excitement was contagious as they circled the water-fount with long sticks in hand, yelling, "bateau, bateau."
These past couple of months I have been attempting to live a life similar to that of a stereotypical Parisian; one that is appreciative of the simple things in life, finding happiness in small experiences, and expressing that joy when one is happy.
More or less, it's a life similar to a child's.
And it feels so gratifying.


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