Postcards from Paris: {A Sweet lil' Something}

After reading my friend Irene's story on her macaron quest, and already having my constant craving for macarons anyway, I went with a friend to rue Bonaparte to participate in a tastbud critique. Now I have had quite a lot of varying types of macarons to compare to, therefore I felt like a pretty fair judge.
As we waited in line, our mouths salivated in response to what our eyes were seeing. Beautiful, intricate pastries.
I woman in front of us, seemed just an enthusiatic about our first time there as we did. She offered her suggestion, to make certain we try the milk chocolate-passion fruit macaron. She was so convincing, that we decided to get two for us both to try. The other flavors, based on what our tastebuds could detect, seemed to be rose-cream, apricot, and dark chocolate with cassis. I have to admit, they were all so wonderful, nearly the best. LaDuree, however, has such a beautiful ambience where one could sit and pretend that they are wealthy, which really is a nice feeling to have while enjoying a sweet lil' something.

Do any of you have a favorite flavor? Please share!
For more on macarons, take a listen to this NPR story, pitched around Valentine's.


lady jicky said...

OMG YES --- their CASSIS Mac!!!!
Not only is it a strong dark purple - thats fun but.... YUM!

Reba, fish in Russian said...

That is a good one.
I think I will forever love rose petal as my favorite.

The Armchair Parisian said...

I am embarrassed to say, after all my visits to Paris, I have yet to eat a macaroon. In my defense, I don't have a big sweet tooth, but still, that certainly isn't a good enough excuse. I will remedy this on my next visit! At LaDuree, of course!

Anonymous said...

I just caught up on your blogging. I miss you already. Thanks for the shoutout. I brought home rose to my family and they all decided they didn't like it, saying it tasted like cleaning products. Whatever! Maybe you have to be IN paris to really enjoy it.