Postcards from Paris: {poupée de l'atelier de réparation}

We went walking this evening, and we found ourselves distracted by the illuminated night windows. There I was taking pictures like a madman of these dolls' heads in the window. We briefly read about the man of the shop, who does the repair work for broken doll faces. It is charming to think of this old man, wearing wire-rimmed glasses, with white hair, and an apron working in his shop, surrounded by the faces of dolls. I like to think that he can make his living just by repairing dolls. Him, fixing two faces; the sad face of a little girl along with the face of her broken little doll's, it brings a smile to mine.
And a nice concept; if something breaks, fix it instead of replacing it.



Taylor B W said...

mmm i love those images

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Sweet image you've given me of the faces (three, actually, when you include yours). It's much better than my first impressions which was just: