Postcards from Paris: {Marché à Montmartre}

I had planned to sleep-in; all the way in, until I couldn't sleep-in any further. But as it turned out, with the sun pouring into my bedroom window my plans of laying in bed late were quickly diminished, as were any sign of rain or snow.
I went to my boulangerie, bought my favorite type of freshed baked bread.
Admittingly, along with my sleeping-in plans and any clouds of rain/snow; my loaf of bread was also diminshing. To put a stop to such indulgence I decided that I would jump on the metro. I sometimes find it difficult to eat on the metro because people like to watch you do so, and this put an end to my possible over-indulgence.
I then remembered that in Montmartre, there is a market on each Friday. Located off the Anvers stop along the Place d'Anvers where stands line up with vendors selling their enticements.


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