Postcards from Paris: {Giving My Metro Card a Face}

Funny story: It happened while my friend Sam was visiting me. I didn't want to admit it then, but I was slightly lost in Montmartre, and I wanted to avoid going through Pigalle. I had an idea of how to get to our destination, but only by the means of the metro. So we found the nearest station to try and hop on to continue with our itinerary. I slid my metro card over the scanner, and what seemed as if it were scolding me, was the sound of a pessimistic buzzer and a red "X" denying me access. I tried again, resulting in another scolding. Then I figured "third time's the charm" but really it ended up being yet another red "X". I tried to explain to the man behind the glass that my card would not work. He took the pass underneath the window onto his side of the barrier. For some reason, which I hadn't understood, he asked for identification. I handed over my Georgia license. He looked at it, said something in French, then grabbed a large pair of scissors. It seemed like the whole ordeal was being played in slow motion. All that I could recognize was in one hand he had those scissors, and in the other hand, my license. My initial reaction was, "no, no, no, no!" and luckily the two words sound the same in both languages. He hadn't helped at all, but just created more frustration. All because my metro card didn't have a face. In the event that I happen to return to that particular station, and if it just so happens that I come into contact with that particular worker, I think I will keep an extra little photo of myself, just for his safe keepings.
* Isabelle, je porte ces lunettes pour tu.*


Moira Frances said...

Reba! Was that gentleman going to cut up your driver's license? And then try to put that photo on your metro pass?

Reba, fish in Russian said...

He was, indeed!