Postcards from Paris: {PremiereVision}

Yesterday I spent my afternoon with my internship at the much-ado about textile convention in Paris, Premiere Vision. My internship is unpaid, so I was certain to soak up as much as I possibly could from this experience, including:
*people-watching the stylish and fabulous as they pulled, draped, and scrutinized fabric swatches.
*pulling, draping, and scrutinizing all of the fabric swatches for myself.
*looking at all of the new trends predicted for Spring/Summer 2011.
*collecting a bag-full of freebies. Including samples of little candies.
*lunch consisting of a salmon and spinach quiche, finished up with a hot chocolate. and a tarte au citron.
With all of this, courtesy of ma stage plus a head for of inspiration. I didn't mind one bit being an intern.


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Cindy said...

I want to be an intern! How did you not take all of those fabrics home with you?