Postcards from Paris: {ReVisiting Merci}

After Taras and Paula's summer trip to Paris, I remember Paula being filled with contagious excitement from their visit. She shared with us inspiring images from this wonderful little concept store, Merci: flowershop, perfumerie, interior design, clothing, along with a "used book" cafe.
I was certain to write down the address.
I have this little list of things to do while I am here. On that list of mine, resides that address I wrote down of this concept store. It just so happened as I was getting lost one day on all of these diagonal rues, I found myself right in front of Merci. And there I was, revisiting the images Paula had shared some months back, but only I was able to see it all in person.
Considered part of The Marais, Merci's space is large and open. One enters from boulevard Beaumarchais, through the court yard with the red car, then through the double doors to a minimal, yet rustic design aesthetic. There are many clean, sharpe lines, but with elements of vintage and the rustic with unfinished natural wood as tabletops and bench seats, which offer a sense of the organic.

Oh and the books!
more on books later.......

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Mélanie said...

Merci is a great concept store !! They are a new source of inspiration