Postcards from Paris: {Hermione's Hangings}

My living situation has been one of mystery. I don't really know or understand Hermione. She only speaks French, and I only speak English. So we have this barrier that at times it seems impossible to get across. The other day, something clicked and we attempted a conversation that lasted more than 5 minutes. She showed me her drawings. She explained that these were her French grandparents, and they she had hardly known her other grandparents because they were Hungarian. From what I could gather, they never came to France. It was a broken conversation, but I was able to show her some of my work as well. There may even have been a few sentences that I understood as if it were spoken in my native tongue.
Other than the significance of these portraits to her, I myself was lured in by them. The expression on their faces are vague, but their postures seem to create a sense of character. During occasions like that I think to myself, now this is something to blog about.


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