Postcards from Paris: {Gilded Gold}

The sun is as fickle as can be. One day it shows itself, let's be honest, the sun was flaunting itself: out and about while I was stuck indoors at my internship. Then the next day; today, when I am free to roam the exteriors of Paris, the sun hides behind a thick mask of grey clouds, all-day long. I kept waiting for it's debut, but no flaunting, not even a mere ray shown through.
On an optimistic note; cloudy days, afterall, offer high-saturated tones. The gilded gold accents during my walk from St. Michel through the Tuileries were beaming.



Moira said...

Such beautiful photographs! Merci!

Cindy at LottieBird said...

no golden sun. But your optimistic spirit found gold anyway.