Postcards from Paris: {Le Nouvel An chinois}

I went out this morning to fulfill some past-due errands. On the corner near my flat was this bicycle stacked with cardboard boxes. On these boxes were chinese characters written across, in the boxes were red paper lanterns with golden-yellow tassels, and unloading them was a small, joyful Chinese man; happy to be fulfilling his errands for the day.
What a visual lift these bright red paper lanterns add to this grey Parisian day. I am so excited by the whole event, I may have to get Chinese take-out for dinner tonight.


{charlie * carolyn} said...

I'd love to have a bicycle like that! I love reading your posts, I stop by everyday on this blog to check the latest!

em_leanne said...

me too!
<3 <3 <3

Cindy said...

These pictures inspire me to be a joyful person (not Chinese, just joyful)!