Postcards from Paris: {A dose of Protein, Iron, & full of Tradition}

When walking through Le Marais during the day hours, I find myself people-watching more than window shopping. Being that this particular neighborhood, is the "fashion" scene for the well-dressed, it is an easy thing to be distracted by.
So, for the past two nights or so, I have gone out after the sun has set. It was a weeknight, not so many people out and about to watch. The boutiques closing up, with their windows still illuminated, and I get some window-shopping accomplished.
And then I came across this:
A window illuminated with Protein, Iron, and and overall sense of appreciation for Tradition.
My American friends and I have been having a continuing conversation regarding the French's great appreciation for tradition. They seem to like things with a story behind them. They like things done in specific ways. They drink their wines from a specific region with a specific meat. They eat seasonally, and seem to be content while waiting for things to come to pass. These traditions don't occur overnight, rather time is required for the best of all things.
I was so amused by the sense of old-world charm in this little boucherie; sausages of all types hanging on hooks overhead, gold-tinted cans of foie gras coming in different sizes, protein, iron, and full of tradition.
It made me wish I had a larger kitchen. or a cellar.


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