Postcards from Paris: {My kind of Girl}

Referring to a couple of posts back, instead or wearing the same winter coats. I have been "practicing my French" with Jean-Luc Godard film clips, and becoming intrigued with his much used muse, Anna Karina. Her sweet little expressions, her quirky-toned singing pitch, her spectacular dances moves. Spending time every evening to sit in front of my computer to watch clip after clip seems completely justified because I am actually learning phrases like: "Je suis Loopy le Lup, le loup bien" and "Je n'ai jamais été en amour avec tu"
My favorite scene from Une Femme est Une Femme:
Angela: Would you rather have fish or meat for dinner?
Angela: Emile!
Émile Récamier: Fish.
Angela: What would you have preferred if you were having meat?
Émile Récamier: I don't know. Veal.
Angela: And if you were to have beef rather than veal, would you prefer a steak or a roast?
Émile Récamier: A steak.
Angela: And had you answered roast, would you prefer it rare or well-done?
Émile Récamier: Rare.
Angela: [jump-cut to Angela returning with the well-done roast] Well, honey, you're out of luck. My roast beef's a little overdone.

And here is proof to some of her swell dance moves........

Oh and how wonderful old, black&white images are.
It makes me wish I was at the store digging through it's new arrival; boxes of old photographs!
If one is in Savannah, be sure to take a look for yourself.


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Robert said...

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Hey girl I just wanted show some support and tell you how proud I am of you. YOU"RE IN TEEN VOGUE! you probably already knew that but it's so huge. Love you and can't wait to see you. lashbu20@student.scad.edu email me!