Postcards from Paris: {Ma Petite Chambre}

My personal space has always been a contributing factor to my overall creativity. Throughout my years in school, and even at a job, being surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing environment evokes influence and inspiration, and keeps the mind thinking and creating. It is essential for me to create a space I can call my own.

With the cold front here, I decided to spend the day bundled up in my new "old" sweater from my newly discovered little thrift store just a few metro stops away. There is some wonderful sense of comfort by staying indoors on a cold, brisk, winter day; being bundled up, and drinking continuous amounts of warm beverages.
So as the snow fell diagonal; first from left to right, then from right to left, and then in all different directions throughout today, I felt inspired just by being in my little bedroom listening to Django Reinhardt (a wonderful new discovery, suggested from my co-worker, Clemence) in a space I can call my own.


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Looks nice - bienvenue chez toi...

hayliebird said...

Oh Reba! It is so beautiful. You know how much I love having my own small space to fill. It is so important to feel comfortable & to have your own place to go to- especially when it is cold outside. I noticed your Vuillard book- SO JEALOUS!! I have been on a hunt for a Vuillard art book for the past few months and I have had no such luck here in NY. I have one checked out from the library, but it's pocket sized. I have one pocket-size of Bonnard too. They travel around in my bag together and whenever I feel the need for something beautiful and inspirational I pull them out to study.
I wish so badly I could come visit on a whim. I miss you.

Kelsey said...

I love it sooooo much!!!!!!