Postcards from Paris: {Wearing White in Winter}

Yes, white is normaly worn in the summer, but I found it to be some form of liberation to wear it layered. It gave me a sense of refreshment. My room-mate with a baffled look as I departed out the door explained to me in french, but white is worn in the summer.
Oui, Je sais.
And with that and a smile, she handed me a white fur collar of her's. I wrapped it around my neck and departed. During my walk through Les Halles and the Tuileries, not many people were wearing white. In fact, I can't recall a single person.
With the Tuileries leading to the Champs Elysees, one of the most classically stylish areas of Paris, I found myself in front of these folks...
Pale on pale, with their draped white cloaks.
Oh, to match the statues in Paris!
No shame in wearing white in winter.

For the sake of my parents who read this blog, I was also wearing a heavy coat.


Moira said...

wunderbar!! How original of you, my dear.....perhaps next year you will have a white winter coat!!

Taylor B W said...

you little go-your-own-wayer, you! I love that dress on you.

yayava said...

I LOVE it!!!

Cindy said...

and had you been in the vicinity of The Sartorialist, he certainly would have captured you and shared with the world your unmistakable, beautiful style.