Postcards from Paris: {Mieux en noir et blanc.}

Every post I start to write, I always want to begin by typing, "best day ever." Daily experiences in Paris are simple, yet poignant. Living in Paris is similar to when one discovers he/she enjoys reading. I remember the realization that reading books felt like, having a good time. Every new book I read became my new favorite. As it is here with each new day. This evening after another wonderful serving of chocolat chaud at Le Cafe de Flore, my friend and I took a stroll through the small cobblestone walkways of the Latin quarter. One of the bookstores had such a warm, welcoming feeling to it, that we had to go in. I try avoiding books that are about Paris, France because I already count with my fingers the American way, I can hardly pronounce any French word correctly if it has an "r" in it, and I take way too many photographs to seem the least bit natural. So I just imagine that looking through a book about Paris might as well be me in white tennis shoes wearing a fanny pack. When in all actuality, I am just too conscientious because the book I happened to pick up was a book of Robert Doisneau's photography, and I have no shame in that. Doisneau features in his work Parisians being Parisian, and living their lives in their city of delight. His series of work is simple, with an element of honesty. And looking through the clever shots in black and white I felt joy and excitement for the new favorite days to come.

My offering from a past favorite day...

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