Postcards from Paris: {La Galerie Les Yeux Fertiles}

As I reflect on the past few days with my warm cup of Chamomille tea and Debussy playing in the background I feel content and just fine with staying in on a Friday night.
The other day while exploring through the Latin quarter to fulfill a falafel craving, I was distracted by this small gallery on rue du Seine. Already being driven by an appetite mission, I thought that just a quick window glance would not result in starvation. But just a quick window glance had me wanting more, and so I entered.
My hunger was glady put on hault as I indulged in the appetizing visuals. Influenced by a number of surrealist work, like Max Ernst and Salvador Dali, as well as referencing Dada work, specifically Marcel Duchamp's Fountain; Lou Dubois takes such inspirations and interprets them through collage work. Constructed within antique entomologist drawers, Dubois' creations echo invention and curiosity.
Along with the aesthetically intriguing, this collaged series offers a history of France with such references as the historical perfumeries right outside of Paris and literary references alluding to Albert Camus.

For more information on the artist or to view the gallery's website, go to:


Taylor B W said...

Wow!! What an awesome find! But falafel reba? Take care of yourself.

Kelsey said...

I love this work! I'm so happy you found it at random.