Postcards from Paris: {Bonne Annee}

Upon arriving in Paris, the boulangeries offered in their windows rows and rows of galette des Rois. Kings' Cake, which celebrates the Christian Holiday of the Epiphany. These beautiful, golden baked cakes come crowned. On the sixth of January, French friends and families indulge in this gilded gateau. Whoever comes across the small trinket in their slice is crowned king for the year. It is quite a nice way to start out the new year; being with loved ones and enjoying something sweet.
I have been walking throughout Paris this past week or so, and have been finding myself baffled as to why I hadn't participated in such a pleasant tradition. Today, it hit me the most. Settling in a new country with a new language has not been the most simplest, but as I walked through the Marais and noticed the discounted galette des Rois, I could not resist their simplicity.
Alas, the small trinket ended up not being in my slice, but what a royal feeling it really is to be starting the new year is Paris, France.


The Consummate Hostess said...

Beautiful and utterly delicious looking images! Enjoy beautiful Paris :).

Taylor B W said...

You take such lovely photos! I can't wait to read what comes next. You have so much ahead of you!