Postcards from Paris: {Color Scheme}

How wonderful the Parisian color scheme is. I find that the overall palette, though a vague observation, is simply as follows:
General Winter Fashion= black.
General Architecture= off-white.
General tone of the Chimney Stacks= terra cotta red.
Oh, but the doors!-

Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the simple French tones, in fact most of my wardrobe consists of a beige, off-white and black palette, but what a pleasant surprise these vastly colored doors offer. Especially on these grey, cold days. Though January is definately living up to it's Winter season expectations, I found warmth in the variety of colors found on these doors. Less layers of socks, more pictures taken of colorful doors.


a. said...

I love all the doors in Europe, especially Paris, such wonderful colors!

Cindy said...

I do love a beautiful door! These are exquisite. I'm so glad you shared.

the textured leaf said...

I went to paris recently and was too tired from all the travel to photogragh enough doors for my liking. It was so great to see that you had captured what I could not. Thank you for the images