Postcards from Paris: {Je m'appelle Reba/ Views from Windows/ Settling In}

Je m'appelle Reba
It became so clear last summer as I was finishing up my last two credits in New York. I wanted to live in Paris, and I was going to make it happen. I have recently received my degree from The Savannnah College of Art and Design. I spent those four years in beautiful Savannah, Georgia focusing my studies the department of Fashion design, with some minor studies in Fibers and Textiles. With three quarters of no sleep, my senior collection was comprised of handknitted garments. I spent that last year of my studies watching French films on my couch as I knitted all my designs, and worked at The Paris Market. With those scenes from the French films playing constantly in my mind, the Parisian life seemed almost do-able.

Views from Windows
It was on the 2nd of January when my small group of American friends and I arrived in Paris from Germany. Starting out with the four of us, we spent a few nights in a hostel in Montmartre. Two left, leaving myself and one American friend to move on to a new window view. There was a night spent in a hotel, and then several at a French friend's flat. After my last friend departed back to the states, my moral support from America dwindled, and I was left to myself with a new window view.

Settling In
What a process settling in takes. I have officially unpacked my bags, hung my wrinkle-prone dresses, lined my shoes, filled all of my drawers to the maximum capacity, and essentially have conquered "settling in."


parismarketandbrocante said...

Reba, we miss you dearly!!

Cindy said...

You lucky, lucky girl. You are living the dream. What an inspiration! And I love the way you see beauty and share it with us!

From Me To You said...

I adore you. What an inspiration you are to me. I live in NYC and the past year have visited Savannah 3 times having fallen in love with it, but nothing can compare to my love for Paris. A few weeks ago I had Paris Week on my photography blog just to pretend I was still there. The last time I was in Savannah this past Feb I bought a darling headband at the Paris Market which one of my readers saw on my blog and asked where I found it which led me to the Paris Market site which led me to your blog which has been occupying my morning here in NYC. I'm so glad to have found you and I admire your passion and courage. I dream of getting jobs that would lead me to Paris and oh my, I love the picture of the maps, shoes, hat, scissors at the top- beautiful!