Postcards from Paris: {Rose's Bakery}

My love for Rose's Bakery stemmed from her published cookbook, Breakfast Lunch Tea. I find the images within to be honest and delicious. Like a view of an artist's studio; in a slight disarray, but creativity bursting from every crevasse. Being that their first location is just a block away from the hostel, where myself, along with all my visiting company has stayed at in Montmartre, and the second location just a few blocks away from my flat in the Marais; I have stopped by and indulged on a couple of occasions. My friend who has just departed from her visit to Paris shares a similar admiration for the cookbook, and fancied herself an occasion to go three days out of the seven she was here.
The overall atmosphere is minimal, with fresh produce embellishing the scene. The wait staff is very friendly, and all seem to have a creative edge to themselves. Coming from four years at an art school in Savannah, the kids don't always seem put-together, but there is an understanding that it's because they are creatively driven and it was nice to get a similar vibe at Rose's little bakery in Paris.
And the food, so delightfully arranged. My eyes...happy, and my tastebuds even happier.


hayliebird said...

oooh! i wanted so badly to go to Rose Bakery when i was in Paris in october, but alas when you go to paris for work- you don't get everything you want- in my case i didnt get to do anything that i wanted, but that is why i must plan a return trip to visit you reba!! can't wait for the day. great pics.

Kelsey said...

This is killing me right now. Fresh breads and pastries!?! send some over here! or at least eat one for me.

erin@{strings} said...

thank you for your blog! just discovered it via simple+pretty and am loving everything! we are going to paris in september and i'm certain your log will be an invaluable asset!!!