Postcards from Paris: {C'est la lumière qui fait briller tout}

Okay. I wanted to steer away from anything too cliche, but how could one speak of the city of light, without mentioning the light? Today, every corner turned there was this glow, which illuminated everything. Making the city seem gilded with gold. This entire day of illumination started out with a climb to the highest peak in Montmartre, continuing through the Marais, the Latin Quarter, through Les Halles, and onward to the Ile Saint-Louis. The sunlight was as follows: So because I may have posted about the obvious; I offer a short, poorly-filmed clip of a well mentioned figure who rolls through Paris playing his piano. I was fortunate to have crossed his paths on the Ile Saint-Louis, on this beautiful sun-filled day. Once again, my apologies for the poor quality.


Cindy said...

What a clever man.
Jax asks if you gave him a tip.

Reba, fish in Russian said...

Bien sur!
Rose did the tipping I did video clipping.