Postcards from Paris: {The Best Of...}

I cannot even imagine the right things to say when describing my feelings for "good food."
Good food can be so descriptive and touch on every sensation, and yet it's so simple. When eating something delicious I hardly find myself analyzing the tastes as I would with a painting, film, or book. Instead the barbarian in me just makes noises like, "mmmm" "ohMmm" "yummm" or short phrases like, "oh wow" "so good" etc. etc.
Living here in Paris, with my lack of French; I feel like "good food" is the one thing I can communicate well in. Lately, I have been expressing a lot of "mmmm"s aloud and I find it to be an international understanding.

LaDuree: {The Best Macarons}

It was after an afternoon movie on the Champs-Elysees. Some of the movie theatres have been playing films from last year for only 3 euro. So, my friend/French instructor suggested that we take advantage of such a scenario. The movie was great, The September Issue, about fashion, Vogue magazine. It was right up my alley. It was then suggested that we go to LaDuree. A well-known establishment, specifically for their macarons. Also, right up my alley. It was confessed during our first French tutorial last week that I have low self-esteem when it comes to my french "r". It's been a little frustrating, especially being that my absolute favorite thing to eat is one of the most difficult things for me to pronounce correctly. There has been a series of me walking into different patisseries, and saying: "Je voudrais un macaron, s'il vous plait." The person I am ordering from usually becomes baffled. I repeat and repeat, and between the both of us there is that element of frustration. Finally after offering hand gestures and pointing, I am understood. I either have to find something else I enjoy just as much, or I have to overcome this taunting trial by practice. Being the good French tutor she is, Yohana encouraged me not to give up. I took her encouragements, and I overcame. Between the waitor and I, we had the least amount of confusion I have experienced yet, and the best macarons I have had since being here. We were after all, at LaDuree.

L'as Du Fallafel: {The Best Falafel}

The day when my tastebuds were sending the strongest falafel-cravings to my brain happened to be on a Saturday, which meant that most things in the Marais are closed, including the best falafel place, L'as du Fallafel. So my mind had to put those cravings on hault. The other day I was able to pacify the urge, and get myself a 5 euro falafel from the tastiest place to get one. Oh what a wonderful thing a good falafel really is, and oh how it manages to hit the right spot-dead on. Another wonderful element to this chickpea, cabbage, eggplant delight; it doesn't break one's bank.

Berthillon's: {The Best Ice Cream}

Not that I was necessarily seeking out where to find the best ice cream. To be completely honest, I was more interested in where to find the best hot chocolate, or the warmest something or another. It's cold in Paris, and yet, Parisian after Parisian offered their knowledge of where to get the best ice cream. They would all say something along the lines of, "If you want the best ice cream, go to Berthillon's." And so I went, and so I found that Parisians don't lie, at least when it comes to ice cream. It was good. It was fantastic, and once I finished my scoop of Praline a la Citron, I was really very close to buying another. But I figured if I could find a justification for buying another, then I would probably justify even a third, and that put a stop to a possible over-indulgence. Instead, something to look forward to for another day on the Ile Saint-Louis.

If anyone has some favorite "good food" places in Paris, please by all means, share!


Kelsey said...

Ah! so amazing!!!!
Did i tell you that the tiny rasberry macaroon I bought at Laduree was completely decimated on its way across the atlantic? I think i peeled a smashed and sticky version out of the bag on a layover somewhere (and still enjoyed every little bite).

Cindy said...

I don't have any--yet. But I will take note of your favorites.

Cindy said...

I hear the falaffels were fabulous.