Happy Earth Day Tout le Monde!

Don't bite the hand that feeds you! That's what Earth Day is all about. 
We're constantly inspired by the natural world around us. That's why we have buckets of seashells
and starfish, and insects as paperweights. C'est Vrai. We love the time tested classics;
we salvage, we repurpose, we preserve, then we blend and borrow to make it fresh and new.

Here are a few more chic ways you can tread softly on Mother Earth...

Jute wine bags
This is a wine tote, but I would also use these bags to carry fruit
from the grocery store, say limes for the those vodka tonics!

Soap Cube
Divinely scented soap with a super low footprint; zero packaging = happier earth. 
In olive, verveine, rose and orange blossom.

Lavender Sachet
Why clog up the air with some stinky, phthalate ridden airspray 
when you can get a fresh scoop of lavender and toss the sachet 
wherever you want and breathe easy.

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