Marrakesh à la Paris Market

If you can’t make it over to the famous Red City...
a slice of Marrakesh is yours for the taking at The Paris Market!

Wake up your space (and your imagination) this spring with spicy oranges and brilliant blues. Let your home blossom in vivid colors, delicate patterns and rambling floral motifs. 
                                           photos above and left courtesy Heincker Design

Good living reaches new heights with soft yellow
and lavender leather poofs and brightly patterned patchwork quilts of which we have a beautiful selection. They’re made from particularly tasty
shades of lilac, magenta, turquoise and turmeric. 

(Besides being gorgeous, they're perfect for picnics in the park or relaxing with a good book in your backyard.)
Toss in some regal purple pillow covers with contrast stitching, a perky tea set & some fancy tumblers.

Create a warm, welcoming space that invigorates as it inspires.   
                                                                             An optimistic, energizing peacefulness awaits you… 

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