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the glitterati have landed

Just as the caterpillars have been seen crawling their way through the squares on their way
to becoming skittering rainbows, the glitterati who have built careers on transformation and
metamorphosis are alighting in Savannah this week for SCAD style. There is lots of good stuff
going on so check out the schedule here.

I cut out early yesterday to catch Derek Lam and his business partner Jan-Hendrik Schlottmann
speak about their life and times in the fashion world, empire building and what they have been
able to create with their unique partnership. Of course, Mr. Lam spoke more about the creative
aspects of the being a designer, (touching briefly on the spiritual import behind his clothes) and 
Mr. Schlottmann on the business side. It was interesting to see their dynamic.

Creative people of all types, not just artists and designers, are always working in the world of
transformation and metamorphosis, if only because the problems are such that the answer
demands a big jump. But in Fashion, where the expectations to wow and delight each season
are so high, there must be a lot of inherent pressure. So it was delightful that when Mr. Lam 
was asked “What is the most important quality you look for in a new hire?”  His answer was,
“Kindness.” So props to Mr. Derek Lam.

And in undertaking any kind of creative manifestation, just like the caterpillars know,
timing in crucial.  He delayed the start of his own brand for a few years commenting,
“…You have to find your right time, you have to find your right place…”

You can’t rush beauty.

Next stop --> The Sartorialist

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