The French Mint - Anis de Flavigny

We just love these Anis de Flavigny Mints! Since 1591, the ancient Abbey of Flavigny has been dedicated to the creation of Anis de Flavigny mints. At the heart of each mint is a tiny aniseed, coated over 15 days with fine layers of sugar and all-natural flavors. They are always faithful to their original recipe, since the departure of the monks their team of 25 people have lovingly continued the production of these refreshing drops from the hillsides of Burgundy.

This sweet little story written on their packaging makes us swoon for these savory mints even more!
. . . . . . . . . .
It all started on spring morning in the secret garden of a young maiden. Surrounded by the scent of roses, she dreamed of being loved. Outside the village, a light shining in a window kindled something deep in the heart of the solitary shepherd as he sat and chewed his liquorice stick. And then they met amongst the mint leaves by the cool water of the spring...
Together at last, they sat under the orange blossoms and looked peacefully towards the future. Finally, one day by the fountain, the shepherd offered a tiny delicious Anis de Flavigny to his beloved. Will she accept?...
Like an aniseed inside its sugar coating, their rapture was modestly hidden by a bouquet of violets. From their love, two children were born. With the courage and zest of biting into a lemon, they ventured out to discover the world. Yet like birds leaving on a migration, they kept in their hearts a memory of their home, knowing they would one day return.

Pamper worthy products can come in even the smallest of packages! Swing by the store today to stock up on these must-have mints. Available in Lemon, Mint, Liquorice, Orange Blossom, Anise, Violet, and our personal favorite, Rose.

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