Our Customers behind the Lens!

We love our customers!
From our double espresso regulars to the one time shoppers from California, we love them all! Seeing all our lovely guests in our store is amazing, but what is even more amazing is what's going on behind the scenes. Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook all hold a world of voices from our customers and fans. We love to see what they have to say.
Here are some of our favorites!

"Why the Paris Market is one of my favorite things about Savannah!" @ginnybranch via Twitter

"So Chic and Sassy in the Best of Ways" @lexettinger via Twitter

"Pretty French Lollipops" @ effiespaper via Instragram

"Salivating over everything at the Paris Market, if we had this clock we are SURE that we'd never miss a deadline!" @100gumdrop via Twitter

"Amazing antique and french shopping. Plus shopping!" @WCWineGuy via Twitter

"Loved this display!" @starbrownie via Twitter

"Schoolbooks from Belgium. Lovely-they're art themselves!" @eviskrevis via Instagram

"You can totally hire me for free to sleep in the basement of The Paris Market & take pics of the city all day!" @carissa_paige via Twitter
Our customers have spoken, and we have listened!
Thank you to all our followers on Facebook and Twitter for their enthusiasm and unique voice. Click here to follow us if you don't already, and share you photos, comments, and favorite items with the Paris Market community! 


i.antigone said...

You guys NEED an official instagram! So many fans would love that Paris Market pretty beamed straight to their phones... :)

Sarah said...

I have enjoyed shopping at The Paris Market each time I've been in Savannah. Beautiful store! So happy to find your blog......Sarah