On the Shelf: Cabinet of Curiosities

Inspired by one of our newest books, Cabinets of Wonder, our latest display is full of all sorts of natural curiosities & unique objects. From animal skulls & vibrant butterflies to vintage tintypes & magnifying glasses & more, this display has got us wanting to get up close & personal & inspect all the details of these curious little objects. The idea of "cabinets of wonder" dates all the way back to Renaissance times, where they were used to display disparate, eclectic objects in one place. For instance: "The chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on a dissecting table." We absolutely love this idea of unusual juxtapositions, thus our own cabinet of wonder was born. Be sure to stop by the store soon to check out our latest display & pick up a copy of the delightful book Cabinets of Wonder.

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