Rooms With A View: Dr. Fabre's Micropolis

Although we're relieved to have a respite from all the hard work, we can't help but feel a tinge of sadness that Rooms With A View has now come to an end. Every detail of our room was carefully planned & constructed & it was truly a wonderful experience seeing it all come together. For those of you that didn't make it out to the Jepson this weekend to see it, our room was based on Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre (1823-1915), an entomologist from the south of France. From an encaustic piece featuring golden cicadas to a dome full of beautiful butterflies to entomology drawers full of specimens ranging from colorful to creepy, bugs filled just about every nook & cranny of our room. So without further ado, we present: Dr. Fabre's Micropolis. 

Bare Walls // Primed & Painted // Installing Panels & Molding 
The completed walls
Installing: The Wall Unit // The Lighting // The Doors

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