Rooms With A View: Custom Furniture

After countless hours & an unmeasurable amount of hard work, our Room With A View is officially complete & open for viewing at the Jepson Center for the Arts. And while we're going to wait until the end of viewing period to reveal finished images of the room, we do want to go ahead & share with you a little bit about what went into the making of this room. They say it takes an army & we certainly had one helping us throughout this entire process. But we absolutely could not have done it without the guys at Coastal Wood Design & Forsyth Metal Works. They took our custom furniture designs & brought them to life & the room really wouldn't be what it is without them. Check out what went into making each piece below & then head on over to the Jepson Center to see our room, "Dr. Fabre's Micropolis," which will be on display through Sunday, October 26th.  

The Desk:
Constructed with grain matched, figured walnut slabs, which were then fitted with a 2" think Lucite leg. The Lucite is mounted with brass hardware that is faced with hand-turned, walnut washers. Through the Lucite leg, you can see the hand-stitched, leather file system. Both the file holder & pencil drawer are made of solid walnut, faced with hand-polished brass. The desk has been finished using a tung oil, as opposed to a stain, which is completely natural & green. 

The Pedestal:
Constructed from reclaimed heart pine from a Kentucky tobacco barn, the pedestal was then pickled & finished with a spray lacquered top & waxed bottom. 

The Wall Unit:
The hand-fabricated steel frame holds concealed shelves at a random height configuration. The steel has been finished to have an antique brass look. The wall system is balanced by a cabinet on one side & specimen drawers on the other, as well as a central portal to display art. All of the wood components are constructed using locally-sourced, domestic maple plywood.

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