How-to-Tuesday: Holiday Wreaths

Our spoils from the floral market

An easy but fun way to spruce up your home during the holiday season is by hanging a few fresh, floral wreaths. Now, while the task of making your own wreaths may seem a little daunting at first, we hope today's post will show you that the entire process can actually be quite simple. Being wreath making novices ourselves, we started out by drawing inspiration from a lovely book we carry here at the store, The Wreath Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis & Jill Rizzo. While we didn't follow any of their tutorials exactly, their book is certainly full of all sorts of wonderful ideas that got us off to a great start.  

Wreath #1 Ingredients: Foraged Sticks as Base, Eucalyptus Pods, Seeded Eucalyptus, Brunia, & White Lysimachia  
Wreath #2 Ingredients: Sandblasted Manzanita Branches as base, Eucalyptus Pods, Assorted Mums, & Wooly Bush

This final wreath is one that we came up with ourselves. What we love about it is that other than the antlers & the ribbon (which you can pick up here at The Paris Market), all of the other materials can be foraged right from your own backyard. And that's the great thing about making fresh wreaths in general, while we used pine, juniper, purple seed eucalyptus, pine cones, & sticks, you can use whatever you have on hand or can find outside around your house. 

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