Throwback Thursday: Butterfly Collection

If you're a Paris Market regular, or even if you've only been in the store a handful of times, I'm sure you haven't been able to miss our amazing collection of butterflies. From cloches full of these beautiful winged creatures in which they almost appear to be fluttering around, to mounted pieces where they form striking, kaleidoscopic patterns, they are not easy to ignore. However, besides the shear beauty of these unique little insects, what makes this collection all the more fascinating is the story behind where it came from...

And where might that be, you ask? These butterflies once called The Gallery of Creation, formerly located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, their home. The Gallery of Creation, created by Joseph Hunt & his wife in 1978, was a quirky, little natural history museum that set out to "present examples of God's creation in such a beautiful manner that one is inspired to have a greater appreciation for God's handiwork & a greater love for our creator." And I've got to say, religious beliefs aside, it certainly sounds like they had some fascinating exhibits. From nearly 300 animatronic, talking animals to a giant Tyrannosaurus-Rex skull to a 102 lb. iron meteorite, The Gallery of Creation must have been a sight to behold. And, of course, I'd be remiss to mention that they also boasted one of the largest mounted butterfly displays in the United States. After moving to a new location in 2008, the museum officially closed its doors in 2010 & all of the exhibits were sold at auction. And although it's always a little sad to see such a unique business have to shut down, we're certainly glad that we were able to give these beautiful butterflies a new home. Be sure to stop by the store soon to see this wonderful collection for yourself. 


Penny said...

We will be coming to Savannah over Thanksgiving. I am anxious to visit your shop again. Are you open on Friday after Thanksgiving?

ParisMarket&Brocante said...


Yes we will be open our regular hours (10AM-6PM) on Black Friday! Can't wait to see you!