Into the Woods

Our homes are striving to return to nature in the recent months interior trends. We too have jumped on the outdoor bandwagon by carefully cultivating a collection of natural elements for our customers to enjoy. Here are some of our favorite collections and the story behind what makes them one of nature's best gifts.

Petrified Wood is a fossil in which the organic remains have been replaced by minerals in the slow process of being replaced with stone. In general, the fallen plants get buried in an environment free of oxygen, which preserves the original plant structure and general appearance. This process could occur in less than one thousand years. The beauty of these petrified wood pieces is extraordinary. Each piece is unique and make a great addition to any table top, desk, or shelf.

 Acorns play an important role in the forest when oaks are the dominant species or are plentiful. Wildlife which eat acorns as an important part of their diets include birds, such as jays, some ducks and several species of woodpeckers. Also many mammals, such as the famous squirrel. Though found in abundance they most recently have become popular in the craft field and have begun to make their way into interior design.

African Knob is the name behind this beautiful dried branch. Its thin stem and knob like tip make it a great decorative element for any vase or arrangement.

There are approximately 12,000 species of moss. Its texture and diverse colors have captured our hearts and it makes a great filler for terrariums and interior gardens.

The Ata fruit or Sugar Apple is native to India and other warm climates. The fruit is sweet, white to light yellow, and resembles and tastes like custard. When dried these Ata pods attain a robust color and texture that is extremely beautiful. They make a great visual element to any vase or table top.

 Though these Moss Balls aren't real we love their look and natural flair. They make a great no fuss filler for urns and vases. Try piling them in a wicker basket for a great center piece.

Pine cones come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We have a beautiful assortment of cones available. Piled in a glass dome or sitting on top of a stack of books, this easily overlooked outdoor element will bring a touch of style into your indoor space.

Pheasant Feathers have been treasured for there beauty and unique pattern for generations. We love their striking display and ability to go with any decor. Pluck a few from our store today!

 Bird Nests have become a popular accessory for the Human Nest. They can be a great display for your treasured items such as jewelry or ceramic bobbles. There muted color palette and versatile texture make them a great addition for all seasons.

Release your tree-huger spirit and trek down to The Paris Market for a collection of natural elements for both you and your home to enjoy!

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Sarah said...

Bought a bowl full of your natural pods when I was last there and gave them to a friend for her birthday. It was a welcomed gift.