What's in Your Coffee?

We have a lot of pride in our Coffee Bar.
Not only because of our stylish baristas and taste bud pleasing menu, but because our coffee is the best in town. Try to argue that point with our regulars, they'll put up a good argument. Our all-star coffee is made by La Semeuse, who's coffee beginnings come from over 20 countries. Their pure coffees offer up a chance to travel the world through your cup. From Costa Rica to Ethiopia-India to Peru you will find exquisite aromas and flavors for all tastes.

Here is what's inside three of our personal favorites, both for sale and/or included in your "cup of jo" at the Paris Market Patisserie.

Versailles Classique
Composition: 100% Arabica
Origin: A blend of Brazilian, Columbian, Costa Rican and Mexican beans.
Description: With a subtle and sophisticated taste Versailles is the perfect complement to any meal or a well-deserved coffee break.

Parisien Crema
Composition: 65% Arabica-35% Robusta
Origin: A blend of beans from Cameroon, Brazil and Central America
Description: Its clean lively taste makes the perfect breakfast coffee.

Nocturne Sans Cafeine/Koffeinfrei
Composition: 100% Araica
Origin: A blend of Brazilian and Haitian beans.
Description: Decaffeinated in Switzerland using pure mountain spring water Nocturne is true espresso coffee without the caffeine.

Satisfy your caffeine cravings with us and our selection of worldly coffees. One cup and you'll never go back to that coffee chain again.

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