Vintage d' aujourd' hui, jewelry by Isabelle Brassard

 The Paris Market & Brocante is an inspiring place, not just for our customers but for our employees as well. One of our lovely ladies has used this inspiration as a stepping stone in creating her new line of jewelry. Isabelle Brassard, a France native and our treasured customer service expert, has recently crafted up a collection of button bracelets under the name Vintage d' aujourd' hui (which means Vintage of Today). She collects vintage bits and baubles from her travels and uses them to create these extraordinary bracelets which are both timeless and unique. She uses our store to inspire this mix of vintage modern that is so highly sought after by both designers and the common day creative soul.

 Each chain, button, and medal is vintage. Some found on Isabelle's travels to her home in France, others found in our collection of vintage buttons available at the Paris Market. All clasps are gold plated and available in adjustable lengths for a perfect fit.

 Swing by the Paris Market to grab up some of Isabelle's creations and stay tuned for more one of a kind jewelry pieces from Vintage d' aujourd' hui.

If you have the creative itch and want to craft up something for yourself with vintage buttons, The Paris Market has a wide variety for sale. Timeless and affordable these little trinkets can add a touch of whimsy to any creation.

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