Pamper your Men in Musgo

Musgo Real for men brings European tradition with modern trends and technologies. Claus, Portugal created Musgo Real Men's Shaving and Grooming products in 1887. Combining the manual production over almost 100 years with the demands of modern times, Musgo Real reveals a complete set of products adequate to the most diverse care of the male universe. Based upon its philosophy of style, tradition, and fine craftsmanship.Unique in moisturizing, they are enriched with lanolin, glycerin, shea butter and coconut oil that make them absolutely recommended to fight the external aggression of the daily life. Claus has established a worldwide reputation for superior handmade toiletries and his products would be treasured by the men in our lives for years to come.

Treat your fella to a pamper session with Musgo's diverse product line. 
Now available at The Paris Market!

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