Behind the Glass: Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke /bəˈspōk/ - adjective; (of goods) made to order.

Our newest windows are very special to us, because they feature pieces from the brand new Paris Market furniture line, Bespoke Furniture. Bespoke was born out of a desire to construct made-to-order furniture pieces based on the need of an individual space. So if you love something about the pieces but maybe they don't quite work for your space, we can design a piece that will! Designed & constructed right here in Savannah, Bespoke is inspired by everything we love about the south. Keeping with that theme, we filled the windows in with all sorts of natural elements, from budding flowers & spanish moss to a friendly creature peeking in for a look. We also wanted to take this opportunity to give a little love to one of favorite local Savannah artists, Katherine Sandoz, so you can see her beautiful works on paper throughout. You definitely want to be sure to come by & check out these windows in person soon!  


Kucing persia said...

make me fresh :)

Vitkacy W said...

too many beautiful furniture :) I would love to invite this place.

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