On the Shelf: Air Plants

One of our absolute favorite things about spring is when we get our shipment of air plants! There's just something so great about these quirky little plants & we love filling our shelves with them! And possibly what we love the most about them is that they're so easy to care for, especially if you have a busy schedule like us! They like bright, indirect sunlight and filtered water. They can be watered either by submerging them for several hours about every 10 days, or spraying them until dripping wet more regularly. They like temperatures from 50-80 degrees. Because they're so versatile, the possibilities are endless. A single suspended air plant is simple and beautiful, but they can also be arranged in any style and in any area. That's why it's so fun to design with air plants — they can bring nature to any space, indoors or out. Be sure to come by the store soon to pick up a selection of these truly amazing plants as they always seem to disappear just as soon as we get them!!

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