Vintage Find of the Day: Engineering Plans

We are absolutely swooning over one of our most recent vintage finds: engineering plans from a Pennsylvania-based firm, Reading Company, dating to the the early 1900s. Although these plans may show seemingly boring things like switchboards, lighting fixture installations, & cable & control rod ducts, we think there is something truly beautiful in their precision. We've all heard it before: "they just don't make things like they used to," & this is one instance where that is absolutely the case. From the durability of the old wax vellum to the meticulousness of each hand-drawn line, we're so glad these plans have stood the test of time. We took the liberty of framing two of them so you can get an idea of how to display them, but there are many more unframed ones to choose from. So be sure to come by the store soon so you can take a truly wonderful piece of history home with you! 

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