a haphazard gardener

I have a May-December relationship with gardening.  By that I mean, most of the gardening I do happens in May and December.  The rest of the year, I do when I can which is often on the fly and between a million other projects I'm seeding, hoeing and harvesting.

Not exactly a student of almanacs and catalogs,  I'm the kind who throws last year's seed packets into the frost bitten plants to see if anything will happen. 

I have a bunch of "plants-with history" adopted from or given by friends and neighbors.  One is titled "don't-pay-attention-to-me-cactus." I also appreciate the garden-in-a-bag available at The Paris Market. If you have the bag, there's no more looking for flats, seeds or soil. Where is my watering can anyway?  
available at the paris market: garden in a bag
I truly appreciate these one-stop-shop-garden-bags as gifts.  They seem to send a message:  English Thyme (git you some time! or English?),  Sage! (you're so smart!)  French Marigold (perfect for my niece named Marigold).  I want to send one or five to everyone I know.
available at the paris market: egyptian cotton throw
But then I'd have less time to ignore my cactus which I really don't ignore at all.  I spend every single month of  the year appreciating my sometimes unruly, but always loved garden.

Blogging this week for The Paris Market, artist and collaborative designer katherine sandoz makes abstract paintings, fiber arts, illustration, portraits and collaborative works of art in a barn behind her home in Savannah, Georgia. The flora and fauna of the low-country serve as fodder for her imagery. If she were not a full-time artist, Sandoz would be a plant burglar.

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