cinco de mayo

O, me oh my-o!  Cinco de Mayo might be my favorite of all the holidays and it may be the year's best excuse to decorate, dress and dine (channel Frida Kahlo).

available at the paris market:  woven + embroidered table linens
model:  jamie bourgeois
For the last decade, we've enthusiastically gathered with our neighbors to celebrate spring, take family photographs and eat extra helpings of guacamole and pico de gallo.

photo by christine hall photography

With magnolia blooms in the trees and closets stocked from decades of travel and collecting, costumes and decor come organically with the only real plan including repeating the tradition in 365 days.

available at the paris market:  fauna shed + mounts

Blogging this week for The Paris Market, artist and collaborative designer katherine sandoz makes abstract paintings, fiber arts, illustration, portraits and collaborative works of art in a barn behind her home in Savannah, Georgia. The flora and fauna of the low-country serve as fodder for her imagery. She's never a met a holiday that doesn't call for at least un poco de Frida!

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