mother's day scrip

You want to ride boldly and with confidence into Sunday on a white horse and avoid your moms thinking you're a bit of a jackass.  Please take to heart two from the list below. Then call Paris Market in the morning to make a plan of action. Mother's Day is this SUNDAY, 5-10-15!

1.  Moms do NOT want sensible pajamas or sugary edibles. Ever. Really.
2.  Find a beautiful basket/receptacle/vessel. Yes. We always can appreciate and/or use another.
3.  Think themes or interests and fill that basket up. Nothing need be over the top. Thoughtful is the answer.
available at paris market: baskets, candles, fine linens, tabletop goods, air plants (not pictured)

a. reading + learning
b. arts + crafts
c. gardening
d. tabletop
e. teatime
f. travel inspiration
g. home decor

4.  Including one flower element is advised (dried, cut, potted, paper).  Consider researching the flower that symbolically best suits the mom you are appreciating.
5.  One hand-made element is compulsory. Take the time to help the children (if applicable) make or write something. Take double the time to do so if you are the partner/spouse/child/grandchild leading the household's efforts.
6.  Remind the household that parents should be made aware, in word and deed, of your gratitude often and throughout the year.

Blogging this week for The Paris Market, artist and collaborative designer katherine sandoz makes abstract paintings, fiber arts, illustration, portraits and collaborative works of art in a barn behind her home in Savannah, Georgia. The flora and fauna of the low-country serve as fodder for her imagery. Katherine's favorite month of the year is May.

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