the may flowers

Maybe the prettiest of all the months, May gifts us longer days, warmer breezes, plentiful bird call and the blossom of so many flowers. Each awakens us to mirror nature in its reinvention and rejuvenation.

In with the spring cleaning, the gardening, the late evenings, entertaining and celebrating the neatest and sweetest in life. Cultivating and nurturing one's new ideas, projects and plans this month ensures a robust and abundant summer and fall harvest. It's high spring and time to pursue with fervor a "permanent state of France."
available at the paris market: collected sea shells, deer shed, dried flowers, garden tools

May 1st - May Day/Beltane: May Day began as a festival of flowers. Beltane, falling on the same date, celebrates the same and adds a fire festival. You'll often see the color yellow used to represent the fire in May Day fests. Watch the sky for the full moon (called the Flower Moon, also called Milk, Mother's and Corn Planting Moon), Venus (hello, goddess of love and fertility) and Jupiter (king of the gods).  I use Sky Guide which is ah-MAY-zing.

May 5th - Cinco de Mayo:  Shooting rifles and lighting fireworks in response to Mexico's resistance to French rule in the 1860s, we now honor Mexican culture with family, food, dress, drink and dance.

May 10th - Mother's Day:  Brought to us in 1908 by Miss Anna Jarvis of West Virginia, she urged us to honor with thoughtfulness, handwritten notes and sentiment.  In 2015, honoring with flowers, fanfare and fireworks (and a hand-written note) also seems fine.

May 25th - Memorial Day:  Known also as Decoration Day, we are called to recognize the war dead by placing flowers at graves and memorial sites.  Because flowers bloom throughout the country at this time, the late May date suited.
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Blogging this week for The Paris Market, artist and collaborative designer katherine sandoz makes abstract paintings, fiber arts, illustration, portraits and collaborative works of art in a barn behind her home in Savannah, Georgia. The flora and fauna of the low-country serve as fodder for her imagery. Her favorite season is plants and flowers with a warm breeze. With two explorer-warrior-hunter-gatherer grandfathers, one Swiss-French and one Jeffersonian Virginian,  Sandoz claims a genetic predisposition to loving The Paris Market experience.  

available at the paris market:  dried flowers, garden in a bag, garden tools, deer shed, sea harvest


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