Postcards from Paris: {Autumn Tones}

I may be on a nature-binge, but when it comes to Autumn all I want to talk about are the leaves: the light green ones turning yellow, the yellow ones turning orange, the red ones, and even the rusted-brown leaves that will instantly crumble with the slightest amount of pressure. I love them all.
I had noticed that the park near my apartment in the 17th was taking on some new shades, and with that I dressed accordingly. When I have the time, I like to consider my palettes along with what I am planning for the day. Since I have my afternoons free, and the park is just a few blocks away I take regular advantage of it. I was sitting near the ping-pong tables with a friend, and was greeted by an older woman with wild, curly, gray/white hair. She asked if I would play ping-pong for a few moments because it relaxed her. She would come to the park and play before lunch every now and again.
Her name was Marie-Christine.
She really was a delightful character, and about three times she had me come out from behind the ping-pong table to look at my clothing. "Wow, you blend right in with these leaves." and then something like, "They really are lovely colors, such a complimenting palette."
I really do love this season. I love seeing older women in the park knitting. I brought my needles and some yarn the other day. Some children were watching, and I taught them all how to count to ten in English. One of them mentioned that his grandmere knits, and he taught me the word for scarf: ├ęcharpe


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