Postcards from Paris; {Froid, les jours nuageux}

You know those gray transitioning days when the sun is behind a thick layer of rain clouds and all one wants to do is to cuddle up underneath thick layers of covers and watch a good ole' satisfying chick-flick.
For whatever reason, typical American chick-flicks usually hardly ever suffice my cravings. My chick-flick fix usually consists of a good period film with ornate costumes and some sort of settle romance to be sorted out, but I’ve been turned on to a new type of chick-flick...
That is, the French kind. With some light humor along with some little troubles of daily life, LOL (Laughing Out Loud) charmed me completely and dismissed any sense of guilt for not spending the day outdoors. I got my dose of Paris living just from knowing I am here, cuddled up and warm, and watching how other people live it. Try not to judge the movie by the title, and try to watch it on a day like today. It really may satisfy that chick-flick craving.


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