Postcards from Paris: {Laduree vs. Lenotre}

(Photographs courtesy of Michelle)
My mother can vouch for this, as well as anyone who has ever gone out to eat with me: Every meal is a bit more satisfying with a touch of something sweet at the end. It's something I absolutely agree with and live by. Throughout my years of waiting tables I have urged my very full, tummy-aching customers to end with some sugar. I end my meals with dessert in the United States, and I most definitely finish off with a dessert in France, and I smile realizing this.
So when comparing the two well-known L companies who offer the most loveliest of all sweets, I find myself completely satisfied with both choices; as well as the choices within the choices. Ultimately, the desserts are all delectable, and my simple-satisfying taste-buds are quite content after a small splurge from either company.
Overall, I admit tending to lean towards LaDuree. I think it must be the interior palette. Their settings make one feel like royalty. That light sage green with gold embellishments, so pleasant. Even the packaging feels as though one is actually there in the parlor at one of the locations, and the sweetness seems ever-so encompassing.
I took my friend Michelle to the Madeline location one recent afternoon. We honestly should have eaten a real lunch, but instead we took pleasure in a lunch of sweets with some sugar at the end.
Not a good idea for pleasing the stomach, but I tell you, my taste buds were in bliss.

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Taylor B W said...

Laduree is such a great place to make new friends too! People love to share their salads.