Postcards from Paris: { Boating at the Bois de Bologne }

It would be nice to say that I went home to Georgia this August and spent my vacation on my father’s boat. Alas, due to wonderful weddings occurring, and the process of applying for a visa, my feet resided on solid ground.

Back in Paris, after a Sunday picnic with a plentiful amount of cheese, a group of us explored part of the Bois de Bologne by boat. I took full advantage of our male company and enjoyed the ride without lifting a paddle. The day really seemed like a dream; from a French man with a mustache selling drinks and ice cream under a green and white umbrella to a well-behaved French child in a striped sailor shirt looking for fish below the water. Being in a row boat, with it’s sturdy worn wood, surrounded by deep blue water and a happy sky above, emanated a feeling far from the other charms of city living. We were in nature, and that day seemed to cure all the other stresses of settling in.

There is an exhibition here in Paris, at the Musee de la Marine called Tous les Bateaux du Monde. After feeling so content on a little row boat I can just imagine the intrigue that would arise from seeing some of the featured boats that are exhibited. For a look at some of the epic sea-crafts click the link above and imagine being surrounded by the deep blue sea. Perhaps I will make my way over there this afternoon...


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