Avenue Montaigne

Just steps from the hotel, tucked between Avenue George V and Avenue Des Champs Elysées, sits the street of fashion dreams. Valentino, Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Gucci and more - you name it, it’s here. Like a stroll through Paris Fashion week, windows mirrored in the latest fashion magazine, holy-Euro, I’m in heaven. Uber-cool statuesque brunettes line the seats of the Hotel Plaza Athenée, was that Giselle Bundchen at L’Avenue? High society, higher heels than you’ve ever mustered, and yet even higher prices to top it all off.

So after dragging my poor husband around for four hours trying to find the perfect dress (I did, but the 6995 Euro price was a bit much – almost peed my pants) for the gala party tonight (more on that tomorrow), I ended up splurging on a to-die for pair of Valentino shoes. Ah, pure delight!

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