Marché Aux Puces

Sorry for the short absence. Shopping-a-rama! After a one-year hiatus from the markets of Paris, I have had to achieve some major catch up. The stalls are packed in anticipation of the fall/winter shopping season. Buyers from around the world can be heard haggling in broken French, calculators at the ready, hoping to score a bargain (yeah, right) on the latest must have antiques. My credit card is cracked, my wallet's bare, and my poor husband's back worn from wear and tear (hey, I should be a poet!). Our familiar vendors are somewhat spooked about all the "Demolition Hardware" knock-offs (photos interdit), but nothing like a hunt for the next big thing to get the blood pumping. I think we are on to something, next weekend we will try to firm things up in Isle Sure La Sorge; but you have to wait until Christmas for us to spring it on you.

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