Postcards from Paris: {EAT A CHEESEBURGER}

It's been on my mind, constantly.
I am certain some of my friends thought to themselves, Reba won't shut up about that. And with that possibility I would provoke the craving even more by description.
There are also fast-food chains, where one can get a quick fix. Believe me, Mc Donalds, also known as "Mac-Doh" is scattered generously about the city. But when I get this craving, I can't just settle for a quick fix.
I need the real thing.
If there is one thing I urge my fellow Americans about when ordering off a menu, is that every cheeseburger I have ever eaten in a Paris cafe has been my favorite one. They are all just so incredibly satisfying. I have been back in France for almost a month, and have yet to fulfill one of my favorite tasks; partaking in a much needed dose of iron and protein. So after numerous occasions of sharing that particular craving aloud to some friends, they urged me to just go ahead and follow through. Which I did, so happily in fact that I almost missed the entire experience. Our friendly French waiter who coined us for Australians informed us that the cheeseburger we were about to order was; yes, was offered with Cheddar cheese, but was not an American cheeseburger. With a toasty bun topped off with sesame seeds, it was juicy and filling, and we indulged.
Not only was the meal satisfying, but the thought that it is only a few blocks away makes me joyfully content.


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